ECU Tournament Regulations

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I. European Rapid and Blitz Championship and European Rapid and Blitz Championship for Women

I.1. Participation

I.1.1 The number of players is unlimited. The entry fees, however, are based on the quality of the participants:

I.1.1.1 The current medallists of the European Rapid and Blitz Championships shall pay no entry fee in the respective championships.

I.1.1.2 Players with a FIDE-rating above 2600 shall pay no entry fee in the rapid and blitz championships.

I.1.1.3 Women players with a FIDE-rating above 2400 shall pay no entry fee in the rapid and blitz championships for women.

I.1.1.4 All other players shall pay an entry fee which has to be decided upon by the organizer and the ECU Board:

I.1.2 Each player is free to participate in one or both championships.

I.1.3 At least one month before the start of the championship each participant shall announce his participation to the organisers. The organisers shall have the right to reject registrations received after this date.

I.1.4 Each player has to register at least one day before the start of the championship according to specifications given in the letter of invitation. At the same occasion the entry fee has to be paid.

I.2. Organisation

I.2.1 The championships shall preferably be organised directly after or before the European Team Championships, the European Club Cup or the European Club Cup for Women.

I.3. Tournament Regulations

I.3.1 The European Rapid and Blitz Championships shall be played according to the specific rules for this rate of play as laid down by the FIDE Rules Committee.

I.3.2 The European Rapid Championships shall be played in two days. The European Blitz Championships shall be played in one or two days.

I.3.3 Number of rounds.

I.3.3.1 The Rapid Championships shall take the form of a Swiss system tournament of at least 11 rounds. Each round consists of one game.

I.3.3.2 The Blitz Championships shall take the form of a Swiss system tournament of at least 11 rounds but not more than 20 rounds. Each round consists of two games such that each player will play one game with White and one with Black against the same opponent. The number of rounds can be modified by the Chief Arbiter if the number of participants is not sufficient but at least 20 games must be played. Such a modification has to be notified before the start of the competition.

I.3.3.3 No postponement of games is allowed.

I.3.4 Schedule.

The rounds shall be conducted according to a playing schedule which must distributed to the players before the start of the championship. Only in exceptional cases may the Chief Arbiter, in consultation with the Tournament Director, make alterations to the playing schedule.

I.3.4.1 The opening ceremony will be organised on the first day of the championship.

I.3.4.2 The number of rounds shall be equally distributed over the two days, taking into account that the number of rounds on the second day shall not be higher than the number of rounds on the first day.

I.3.4.3 The closing ceremony will be organised on the second day of the championship.

I.3.5 Rate of play.

I.3.5.1 In the Rapid Championships: 15 minutes + 10 seconds before each move per player per game.

I.3.5.2 In the Blitz Championships: 3 minutes + 2 seconds before each move per player per game.

I.4. Titles and Prizes

I.4.1 The winner in the respective championships will receive the following title:
– European Rapid Champion
– European Women’s Rapid Champion
– European Blitz Champion
– European Women’s Blitz Champion

I.4.2 The organiser shall award Gold, Silver and Bronze medals to the players taking the first three places in each Championship. In case of a tie the medals shall be awarded according to tie-breaking procedure.

I.4.3 The minimum prize fund in each championship shall be:
– European Rapid Championship: 15000 EURO
– European Rapid Championship for Women: 7500 EURO
– European Blitz Championship: 10000 EURO
– European Blitz Championship for Women: 5000 EURO

I.4.4 The first prize in each championship should be at least 20% of the prize fund.

I.4.5 In each championship there should be at least 20 prizes.

I.4.5.1 Prizes shall be shared among the players with the same number of points.

I.5. Financial matters

I.5.1 The entry fees will be collected with the registration of participants if not transferred before to the ECU account. If the entry fee is not paid participants will not be registered for and admitted to the event.

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